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I would like to personally thank you all. I'm talking about everyone whether you bought something on our site or briefly stopped by for a visit. You guys helped us build up our traffic which helped google promote the site more. This is our very first site and I'm very proud to announce that its taking us some time. This is a family owned business not to mention a black owned business as well.

this site was started by the W.G WITH THE HELP OF RONIECE SMITH!

We established this establishment as of APRIL 9TH 2021 on my sons dions birthday.

And were not at the top as of yet but where getting there. We have a wide variety of items & products. From an array of thc infused or regular meals, Edibles, Vapes, Eciggs, Electronics, Adult pleasure toys, All manors and flavors of bud, Prerolls & custom made items.

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